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Mind Full of Marbles by Amy A. Cowan

Short Version: Amy A. Cowan (sometimes A. A. Cowan) is a weirdo who writes stuff at She likes reading, books, video games, kpop, the horror genre, and useless trivia. She lives in Reno, Nevada, and is working on getting a rejection letter from every publication, one at a time, preferably.

a lovely picture of me in 2023 - Amy A. Cowan

Long Version: Amy Ayala Cowan started life on April 20, 1986, in Reno, Nevada to an immigrant mother from the Philippines and a former trucker turned printer generic white guy. Not much happened (she was a baby, there’s not much there) and eventually, her mother gave birth to a younger sister. Her life wasn’t that interesting until she started reading and found a passion in life.

She went to elementary school, which was pleasant, then she went to middle school, which wasn’t as pleasant. In 2004, she finally graduated from Sparks High School and tried to go to the University of Nevada, Reno.With the 2004 economy booming, a trend she thought would last forever, her hubris got the better of her and she quit university, thinking she would return after a few years wasting away her early twenties. Little did she know, CompUSA wouldn’t last forever and it eventually closed, along with myriad other retail locations.She did return to her education, much later than she conjectured during those halcyon years while raking in the 7.00/hour behind a CompUSA register. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from TMCC with an Associate of Arts Degree in English and an Associate of Arts Degree in Spanish.Now she spends her time writing bios in the third person on, writing a fantasy series, subscribing to podcasts before she finishes the previous ones, chatting it up with her talented sister (, whom she is incredibly proud of, and hanging out with her life partner and the reason for her continued existence, Jonathan, while he plays video games and she reads beside him.She predominately spends her time with her series about her childhood books, Rereading My Childhood, her fantasy series that she swears she will finish, and writing on her Substack.Her favorite authors are Octavia Butler, Junji Ito, Chris Claremont, Joe Hill, and Douglas Adams. Her favorite color is blue. If she could make one fictional person real, she would choose Tina Belcher.